Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scripture/Journal Cover and Log Cabin Chicken

What a wonderful time we had getting together today. So many ideas and not enough time to schedule everything. oh my oh my. It was so nice to see all those who were able to make it.... Janet, Carol, Katie, Sandy, Sheila, Stephanie, Linda, Christy and me.. 9 girls today.. Great!

Our first project will be Scripture/Journal covers and a log cabin chicken paper weight/pin cushion using foundation quilting. The class will be on February 13th at 9:00am at the church building.

Bring the following..

* 8 strips of various fabrics 1 1/2" wide by WOF (Width of fabric, 44" to 45")
* fusible fleece, cut a rectangle 9" x 21" (2 pieces if making two covers)
* coordinating fabric (The lining should be somewhere near 13.5" x 8.5" -DO NOT PRECUT. We will do this in class.
* matching ribbon. 1 strand 12" if two strands, 24"

Bring your sewing machine and supplies. If you have a serger and would like to serge edges, let me know. I'll bring mine as well that others can use.

We also will need several Irons and boards... !

For the chicken, bring scraps that are lying around. If you don't have scraps, we will have plenty that you can use.

Please call me with any questions. This is a very fun project and I super enjoyed making the covers. Going to figure out this chicken from Katie! If you would like to see the pictures larger, just click on them. :)


  1. AWESOME!!!! I will be there! I would be able to teach the baby pinwheel class after the end of april if there is still an interest in it. (when I get back from DENMARK!!! whoooo!)

  2. The class had so many ideas I think we could have filled 3 years. So... Katie, when you get back from Denmark this summer I am personally requesting that we do a special class here at my house for anyone who wants to make it! Just love the baby pinwheel and love getting together. fyi...I will be posting the calendar soon..