Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am "sew" excited

This Saturday Oct. 31st is our project day!!! yippee.. WE want those machines to be humming bright and early. Please be ready to go and set up at the church building at 9 am for us to begin. Our goal is to have the top finished before noon. It doesn't take long! Some will finish before that. I have to leave and go to Pittsburgh at noon or before.. sorry girls, I could sit and sew all day long....

Call me for any questions! Have all your blocks cut into the 5" squares and we will be able to share and start as soon as everyone arrives. All of us who are sharing.. cannot start until everyone who is coming is there!

Happy Thoughts and one cute snowman wall hanging coming up!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Peg is bringing multiprint

With everything that keeps us so busy, its nice to stop for a moment and take a nice deep breath! It will be fun to slow down a bit and sew with my girls! Peg is bringing a multiprint. It is going to be fun seeing all the surprizes and how they will work together.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well the first color call came in. Carol H. Is calling for one of the Reds! WAY to GO ! This is going to be fun! Leave your comments on which color you would like to choose. (you just click on comments under this posting.) Questions? Call Laura

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here is the wall hanging that Katie Johnson made. She made a heart instead of buttons. The wonderful thing about quilting is that you can make it your own. I am putting a orange carrot for a nose on mine.. the sky is the limit! Thanks for sharing Katie! I plan on making a few more of these.

Charm packs not available...

Hi girls, Yesterday I called all the quilt shops I could find around Pittsburgh. I only found 3 packs of the snowman print in Indiana. Which doesn't help because we needed 7! So.. I have thought of a different idea which I think will be more fun. We are going to each bring "Charms" (5" squares) to share. This is how we will do it.

1) Dig in your stash or go to the fabric store and purchase 4 different patterns in a color group 6" wide of Christmas related fabric. (We do this in case the fabric is not cut straight and we need the blocks to be 5" square ! ) You will only be buying 24" of fabric total for the front. Less than a yard!!! Cut each strip into 8 - 5" blocks. Depending on the width of your fabric and the salvage edges you might get 9 blocks but be sure to cut away those edges. When you bring your blocks to our group you will need to have 32 blocks total. In order to keep our quilt "scrappy" with alot of colors we should each choose a color group. (note* there can be multicolors on your design, but the background color should be your color) I will do the creams for the snowman. (which will still be 4 different patterns) This may seem confussing, so give me a call. We need the following color groups. (I had fun doing this wall hanging pattern before. Some prints had snowmen faces on it.. toys, pine trees, snowflakes etc. Have FUN with it. It works when all put together!)

cream/white - Laura
Red print
Red print
Burgandy Print
Green Print
Dark Blue or Navy Solid
Dark Blue with print
Black Print
Cream with multiprint

This will be awesome. Now, Keep in mind that you will still need the Batting and Back piece. See 1st posting for sizes.

Give me a call or email and we will get you signed up for your color. If you don't think you will be able to make the Sew Date and still would like a set made up from everyone, bring me your squares before Oct. 31st and we will make up a pack for you!!! Enjoy picking out your fabric! How fun is that!